With more than 70 percent of drug users gainfully employed, it is important for HR professionals to have a system in place to hire drug-free candidates. The first step is to know who to test and when to conduct the test. Subsequent steps include determining the kind of test to use, screening for commonly detected drugs, defining the drug-testing window, determining who will collect the drug testing specimen, providing drug training programs for employees, and creating an open and transparent environment.


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A Quick Guide to Selecting a Drug Screening Provider

  1. What’s Inside Answers to ‘Why You Should Drug Test?’
  2. Your priorities vs providers strength.
  3. Considerations regarding ‘where’ and ‘when’ you do business.
  4. Discussion about the importance of third-party administrators.
  5. Discussion about Laboratories, MROs, and Collectors.

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    2022 In Search of X in Background Screening

    1. What’s Inside Most common reasons for implementing a policy and primary objectives.
    2. Written policy and examples of state requirements.
    3. Special policy considerations for states that have legalized use marijuana.
    4. Discussion of specimen types.
    5. Discussion of drug screening panels.
    6. Effective communication of policy.