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One of the most challenging aspects of background screening today is drug and alcohol screening. The need for employers to stay current on the latest information is critical for them to be able to make the right screening decisions for their organization. Our Drug Screening Resource Center has been created to keep you current as the drug screening landscape continues to evolve.

Drug & Alcohol Screening Providers

A drug test involves various stages leading up to results and there are professional providers for each phase of the drug testing process.

These providers include:

  • Device manufacturers
  • Specimen collectors (for urine, oral fluid, and hair).
  • Laboratories (for analysis of the collected specimen).
  • Medical Review Officers (MROs) (licensed medical professionals who verify test results).
  • Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) evaluation of employees who have violated drug and alcohol program regulations and make recommendations concerning education, treatment, and follow-up testing.
  • Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) who manage the entire testing process.

Drug & Alcohol Screening Providers

Drug & Alcohol Screening Resources

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Nina French's Inflection Point

A series focused on the future of the screening industry specifically geared toward the future and growth of occupational health, wellness, and drug screening.

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Inside Drug Screening

Important News, Information and Trends About Drug Screening.

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U.S Drug Screening Challenge

Test your knowledge of drug screening legal requirements by taking the drug screening challenge (multiple-choice quiz).


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    A Quick Guide to Selecting a Drug Screening Provider

    1. What’s Inside Answers to ‘Why You Should Drug Test?’
    2. Your priorities vs providers strength.
    3. Considerations regarding ‘where’ and ‘when’ you do business.
    4. Discussion about the importance of third-party administrators.
    5. Discussion about Laboratories, MROs, and Collectors.

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      2022 In Search of X in Background Screening

      1. What’s Inside Most common reasons for implementing a policy and primary objectives.
      2. Written policy and examples of state requirements.
      3. Special policy considerations for states that have legalized use marijuana.
      4. Discussion of specimen types.
      5. Discussion of drug screening panels.
      6. Effective communication of policy.